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Excerpts from California Living 2013 – Presented by Machine Project as part of Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A. Major support for The Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture has been provided by the Getty Foundation. Special thanks to the Homeowners and Residents of Eichler's Balboa Highlands Tract Video shot by Emily Lacy for Machine Project

2013 PRESS

Funny enough, as we imagine the lives within — here a dog napping, there a man playing guitar — Mr. Page’s art event will also bring people out into the street, to wander and stroll and enjoy the evening and projections and conversation that will likely be inspired by it all.

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By bringing art out of the gallery and into a neighborhood as far from artsy enclaves like Venice or Silverlake as you can get, Page brought out a groundswell of community connection, with everyone dropping their façades and mingling, feeling engaged with the life around them. In a group of houses chosen, ironically, for their blank, “unfriendly” exteriors, Page’s installation made for a thrilling contrast.

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Reversing the perspective opened up the neighborhood and created a temporary community that came together for the night.

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This event is a one night, outdoor, multi-channel video installation that treats Joseph Eichler’s Balboa Highlands tract neighborhood as both subject and object.

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The Modernist tract homes designed by California developer Joseph Eichler feature light-filled interiors courtesy of atriums and expansive walls of glass, but the street-facing facades are often closed off like a fortress.

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Using the expansive, impenetrable facades as projection screens, the videos show homeowners moving about inside, as they would normally be seen through the translucent glass walls facing their backyards.

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On Thursday, as dusk fell, the streets of Balboa Highlands glowed eerily with Page’s projections. “The projections are spaced throughout the neighborhood, activating a few houses, and implicating any of the tracts’ other 90+ homes as a possible projection sites, imagining the lives within,” explained the website for the Machine Project, which produced the installation as part of Getty’s Pacific Standard Time initiative.

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Photos | 2013

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 click on the image to find more photos by  Emily Lacy, Machine Project 

2017 images & footage captured by Nate Page & Chelsea Zeffiro • website & video editing by Zeffiro

2013 images & video captured by Sinziana Velicescu & Emily Lacy •  video editing by Lacy & Shahrzad Ghadjar